"I think what really makes an exceptional therapist is how committed that person is to facing her own difficulties and growing through in them. Elizabeth Frumin is an exceptional therapist. From our first meeting I was struck by her inner strength, her commitment to loving and spirit, and the positive insight with which she lives her life. Not to mention her joy. I know I had found a true mentor. I have received, and continue to receive, so much support from Elizabeth, In my toughest times I have never felt alone for she is always accessible, always loving me, helping me to lift up and find a way back to the light. I have grown tremendously in my work with her. Today I am living my life with more positivity, more love, more strength, more wisdom, more peace and more connection to spirit than ever before. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes I have found renewal. I touch my center. I move with assurance and purpose. “

— EM